Color Change Wraps

Paint Is Dead!

Silsby Media offers a wide selection of color change vinyl wraps and finishes to help you transform your car to your own unique style. We offer hundreds of colors from matte white vinyl wraps to complete carbon fiber car wraps to specialty brushed metal finishes. Why spend twice as much on paint when you can change your car with a vinyl wrap! These films are perfect for full car wraps or to accent your vehicle by using it on hoods, trunks, roofs, bumpers, etc. Your imagination is your only limit when it comes to these custom vinyl wraps...

About Color Change

100% protection and 5-year durability
Maintain resale value
One-of-a-kind look
Finishes paint can’t replicate
Gloss, brushed metal, carbon fiber, satin, matte, metallic, chrome
Starting at $2,000, these will only take two-five days to install. 


A vinyl car color change wrap is the most budget-friendly option you have. This means more money left over to look to additional upgrades for your vehicle like window tinting, or maybe gas for a trip to the beach!


Simple Removal

Tastes can change. In 5 years from now, lets say you don’t like the color you’ve selected, your vinyl wrap can be easily removed and replaced. Beneath the wrap you will find your vehicle’s original paint, undamaged.

wrap durability


Vinyl color change wraps are made form a durable material. Once installed, this vinyl barrier protects your vehicle’s original paint job from scratches and dings from the road. And you can take this a step further with a paint protection film as well!


Certified By Oracal

3M Certified

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