Make a Statement on the Water with Vinyl Marine Wraps and Graphics 

Vinyl marine wraps and graphics have become a popular option among boat owners and enthusiasts. Many are choosing a custom vinyl wrap over a traditional paint job or gel coat thanks to its durability, affordability, and customization options. Boats ranging from cruisers, racing yachts and superyachts are now being transformed right here in Oklahoma.

While researching the vinyl wrapping process, you may also weigh the pros and cons of a new paint job or gel coat. We’ve done the research too, and there’s just no denying that a custom marine wrap is the superior choice. With a new vinyl marine wrap from Silsby Media. you’ll get:

A better price
In general, a full vinyl marine wrap will be less expensive than a new paint job sometimes by thousands of dollars. 

Protection for your boat
Vinyl wraps protect the paint job underneath, leaving it looking brand new if you decide to have your wrap removed. 

Faster turnaround 
There’s no drying time with vinyl, meaning you’ll be back in the water much faster than with a paint job. 

No fading
It’s no secret that paint fades. DPI Graphics, Inc. uses UV stable inks and high-quality vinyl to ensure long-lasting results you’ll love. 

It’s easy to change your look with vinyl. Paint, on the other hand, will require another costly trip to the body shop should you decide to change things up.