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Fleet Branding Professionals
Our goal is not just to provide you with a high-quality wrap you’ll love, but to provide a vehicle wrap that is designed to generate additional leads, either emails, phone calls, texts and help grow your business to the next level. When we work with you, we work as if we’re a part of your team. Aiming to make the process seamless, while taking an investment in the future and success of your business.

The Best Form Of Marketing For Your Business

"A Wrapped Intra-City Truck Generates Up To 16 Million Annual Impressions Annually." - MEDIA BUYERS GUIDE Midwest City, Oklahoma

Fleet Advertising Wrap

Graphic Design

Optimize your fleet by adding vehicle wraps to advertise your product or service. Silisby Media's vehicle logo wraps increase visibility and separates our clients from the competition. Your branded car, truck or van wrap let prospective customers know about your business in a memorable way. Advertise your company logo and information, as well as let everyone know that your employees are professional.

Getting your business to stand out begins with great logos and visuals. Our team develops original concepts that are custom-made for our customers. Once your truck, plumbing vehicle wraps, or car graphic wraps have been installed, you begin professionally and effectively advertising your company throughout your area.

  • Brand identity development

  • Unifying fleet design

  • Award winning vehicle artists

  • Live design sessions

  • Full color proofs

  • Graphic program standards & guidelines

  • File storage & ongoing design support


Silsby Media has a state-of-the-art production facility offering professional large-format printing. The 3M MCS accreditation ensures that Silsby Media manufactured graphics are made from the best materials and inks, and follow the outlined production process for superior, long-lasting, vibrant graphics. From a custom decal to an entire fleet of trucks, cars or vans, we can print what you need quickly while maintaining Silsby Media quality.

Fleet Advertising Wrap
Fleet Advertising Wrap
Have we mentioned vehicle wraps offer the lowest cost per impression of any marketing channel? Once your fleet is wrapped, your investment in your vehicles will continue to generate impressions for years to come!

On average, a single vehicle wrap is seen as many as 70,000 times a day! Not only will your vehicles get your brand noticed, but you don’t even have to do any additional work outside of driving your regular routes or going to jobs.


What Type of Fleet
What Type Of Coverage?
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